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TimberPine Nursery
July 4th Hours 10 am -3 Pm
TimberPine is located just 15 minutes west of West Des Moines, off I80.  On 150 acres, we're able to maintain a constant supply of fresh trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses and annuals, growing over 70,000 plants annually.
Are You In Big Ash Trouble?
We're Here To Save Your Ash!
Are Your Trees Protected From The Emerald Ash Borer?
TimberPine can protect your ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer(EAB) as well as other common borers and pests with our pesticide injection program.  Call for more information at 515-834-2712

Landscape Openings (Earlham/Waukee)

TimberPine has openings for the following positions: Receptionist, Landscape Designer, Landscape Crew Foreman, Landscape Crew Members, (Pavers and Stonework a plus) Irrigation Installation/Service, Turf Services, and Nursery.
Some positions may report to the Waukee location, while others will be based out of the nursery in Earlham.
Both full-time and part-time temporary positions are available.
Call TimberPine @ 515 834 2712
Please complete the application on our website at http://www.timberpine.com/aboutus/employment.html and send the completed form and any supplemental resume to jobs@timberpine.com.

Location: Earlham/Waukee

  • Compensation: Based on experience/position. Starting wage: $10-$15/hr.

Paisaje aberturas (Earlham/Waukee)
TimberPine tiene posiciones para los siguientes puestos: capataz de grupo de trabajo, del paisaje, (adoquines y piedra un plus) servicio de instalación de riego, servicios de césped y vivero
Algunas posiciones pueden reportar a la ubicación de Waukee, mientras que otros se basará en el vivero en Earlham.
Puestos temporarios a tiempo completo y a tiempo parcial están disponibles.
Para aplicar:
Por favor complete la solicitud en nuestro sitio web en http://www.timberpine.com/aboutus/employment.html envíe el formulario completado y cualquier reanudación suplementario a jobs@timberpine.com.
llamar a  TimberPine @ 515 834 2712
 Ubicación: Earlham/Waukee

• Salario depende: de la experiencia/posición. A partir de salario: $10-$ 15/ hr.


                        18863 Jewell Drive Earlham IA 50072