Irrigation Installation Services Nursery in West Des Moines, IA

Let TimberPine service your irrigation system! We'll work with you to find the ideal system to keep your lawn watered and healthy. Click on the link below to get information on an estimate or an annual service contract.

New System Installation

TimberPine Inc designs and installs sprinkler system to provide maximum coverage of your lawn. Every area will be configured to be watered just the right amount!

We can even install smartphone-based controllers, allowing you to control your lawn from almost anywhere in the country and ensuring that your system is completely automated, delivering water to your lawn and yard at just the right time.
 New sprinkler lines - sprinkler installation in Earlham IA

Maintenance & Service

Seals go bad and sprinkler heads start to leak; leaks waste water, can erode your lawn, and spray water where it isn't wanted. Let our experts inspect your system and repair or replace your faulty components!
 Sprinkler in garden - sprinkler maintenance in Earlham IA